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"Atola," is inspired by the bioluminescent sea creature, the atolla jellyfish, once threatened, they glow a neon blue to attract similar life forms to help defeat its predator. Through our glow, we also draw the attention of others. We thrive and conquer in the depths where very few dare to enter. We don't live in the shadows of past legends because we create our own light and gather others to join us.

Our love for all the majestic and unique marine life is the reason that 1% of our profits go towards ocean conservation. We all share the resources of this planet, and I believe it's everyones responsibility, whether you're a corporation or individual to care for our home.

Our company serves businesses and organizations whose mission mirrors ours: we are authentically high quality, informative, and entertaining and we are devoted to creating a loyal community.  We approach each project with an eye towards these three essential pillars of progress and we work diligently with our clients to artfully communicate through impactful visuals.

Images evoke emotionsemotions inspire desire for change, and desire for change inspires action.

A·to·la: (a - tohl - ah) - grabbing the worlds attention and promoting its beauty and innovations through sophisticated content marketing.

what's atola?

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