The proud founder and chief cinematographer of Atola Visuals.  She grew up in the Chicagoland area and obtained her degree in Cinematography from Columbia College in Chicago. 


In 2012, Kitty moved to San Francisco and instantly fell in love with the hustle, the newest tech, and the breathtaking views. The Bay area gives her ample inspiration to paint the beauty of the world as seen through her eyes. She has shot numerous projects: from festival montages to marketing content, Kitty strives to capture beauty and tell inspirational stories through the visual medium. 




With over 12+ years of sales experience, Brian helps to meticulously manage our clients and brands, while overseeing the company's revenue. He's a savvy producer who helps to coordinate and execute our client shoots as well as shoots for our YouTube channel.


He absolutely loves taking photos of San Francisco and also runs an exciting plant-based cooking channel.  

Managing Partner



Yumi oversees all of the company’s happiness. She’s tasked with an extraordinarily large job, but brings her fluffy tail and cheerful smile to the conference rooms everyday!


In her spare time, you can find her posting on her Instagram and enjoying her daily hikes in San Francisco. She's also our model, actress, and sound absorption when duty calls. 

Chief Happiness Officer