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Whisky Fest in San Francisco is the largest whisky tasting event where over 400 vendors come and sample their top whiskys and bourbons. Each attendee has to $350 to enjoy unlimited tastings. We we lucky enough to be hired by Black Label to film their Laphroaig and Bowmore booth. We had a mixture video and photo and sliding timelapses. We covered tastings in the conference room where they screened their film about free swimming in Ireland.

A yearly celebration with the industries top tech brands. They all come together to show developers how to use their APIs and new features to better their own workflows.


PagerDuty hosted an event gathering the tech leaders and talked about how to prevent malfuctions in any company and how to solve it in the fastest way possible. Here we have customer success stories and discussions with Twilio, Flap Jacks, IT Revolution, and DataDog.

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